Chrysalises and butterflies

Chrysalises and butterflies is a book's collection for kids who are growing, who are no longer children and not yet adults, but they are are Chrysalises, sometimes they are Butterflies, they are experiencing that wonderful but difficult period of metamorphosis. A time when children read less, usually, perhaps because they haven't the right books. They need books that talk about the most important issues which treat them as "big", but do not get bored, they have to fun, too.

The illustrator of the beautiful covers is Antonio Boffa.

And to grow it's important don't only look at ourselves and our little world. Not only closing in our desires and dreams, but opening up to others, accepting the comparison with them, even when perhaps a bit scared and when we lose sight of our certainties.


Colored pencils in the bottom of the sea by Cinzia Capitanio. Two children, each of them keeps a diary, two trips on the same sea, but with infinitely different purpose. Mark travels with his family on a beautiful cruise ship, enjoying the wonders he encounters when the ship docks in the various ports. Seydou, fleeing the war that upsets his country in the hold of a sailing vessel unreliable, hidden along with many of his countrymen, and his eyes meet only the fear and loneliness enclosed in the eyes of those who are around. The only thing that seems to unite the two children is the possession of a small block and colored pencils, thanks to which it can be noted, in diary form, the most significant moments of their journey.

It 's arrived the ambassador by Annamaria Piccione. Hakim is set off from a few years ago , like many others, "in search of fortune ," as even the old song that is the soundtrack to this beautiful story. But how many migrants, at some point there has been no news about Hakim and the mother falls into a severe depression. This pushes Ayub, the younger Hakim's brother, to leave for Italy to look for him, hoping also to bring a smile on the lips of the mother. A long sea voyage aboard one of the many boats full of desperate, then the arrival in Sicily and the transfer to an identification center, from which Ayub manages to escape. And in his frantic escape ends up under the wheels of the car of a senior doctor: Michael.


Sisters of paper by Cristiana Pezzetta. Constance is fourteen and she has the passions and the desire for freedom of her age. She dreams of spending the summer with her ??best friend, go to the beach and deepen the relationship that is felt with Luke. But also this time the parents decide for yourself His father, an archaeologist, reminiscent of an old promise, will bring in Syria, despite the news of the riots that start coming from that country. The impact of such a different reality and the meeting with Aima, her contemporary, initially not mitigate the anger of Constance. It seems there can be no dialogue between them, because each one feeds the prejudices against the other. But prejudices, you know, sometimes feed the curiosity and then...