Mammeonline publishing house

Mammeonline publishing house was created to promote and increase women's artistic, intellectual and creative abilities and to boost the knowledge and the correct information about infertility and assisted conception, adoptions, maternity and parenthood.

Infertility is a social and international growing problem. In Italy we have a further problem of old style mentality that brings infertile people to feel ashamed about their pathological condition. They often choose not to talk about their infertility to relatives, friends and to children conceived through assisted reproduction, because they are afraid of social prejudice. As a consequence of this, infertility and ART remain a hidden and shameful topic at a social level and, at a political and legal level, we don’t have the strenght to fight against bad laws as the one we have at the moment, because infertile patients don’t show themselves openly, at least many of them don’t do it. So we decided to help people to break the silence with our books. Two books of this area deal with endometriosis.

Many books deal with the topic adoption: books for children to explain how  they arrived in their families, books for teachers to help them better interact with their adpted schoolchildren, books for parents and aspirant parents to obtain information about adoption path.

Then, there are the books about the growth of babies and children: child care, brestfeeding, weaning, education, twin birth...

Moreover, Mammeonline is deeply involved in children's literature. Its books are created to talk directly to children about their feelings; a special care is taken in choosing the illustrations. Most of our writers are above  all mothers, some of them even teachers, and their experience with children is clearly transposed in their books.

You cannot call it love, for young adult

Family's books (Twins, breastfeeding, woman's health, assisted reproduction)

Children's books

Chrysalises and butterflies (paperback series for boys and girls)