You cannot call it love

You cannot call it love (Chiamarlo amore non si può)

23 writers tell boys and girls about violence against women


The book You cannot call it love was released on November the 25th, 2013 - the anniversary of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

23 authors, all women, have donated a story within a project of prevention/education on violence against women.

The publisher Mammeonline and the authors have decided to donate the royalties from the sale of the book to Aidos (Italian “Women for Development” Association), and in particular to the project: Health and prevention of female genital mutilation in Burkina Faso:

The book's title is taken from the song La Fata (The fairy) by the famous Italian artist Edoardo Bennato who, in addition to providing support for the project, donated in the book an original dedication for all women. The postscript is written by Daniela Finocchi, journalist and creator of the literary award Lingua Madre (Mother Tongue), dedicated to the stories of foreign women living in Italy.

You cannot call it love is a book dedicated to girls and boys. But it is not a book against, it is a book for: for preteens and teens who undergo the first crush, the first feelings and the first relationship with the opposite sex. It is here - in this controversial season of life, wonderful and cursed as only teens can be - that it's important to introduce, now more than ever, the theme of prevention of violence against women because it is during these years that gender's identity is constructed.

The editorial project intends to give voice - in unison - to the culture of prevention and education to shatter prejudices and disturbed emotional patterns.

Typically, we talk about prevention in reference to episodes of stalking or when women live risky relationships. We think that prevention means to work on education, culture, even opposing female models provided by the media, fighting the stereotypical roles that boys and girls live in the family or in society and strengthened - at times – even in textbooks and/or picture books for children.

We believe, therefore, that family education is not sufficient and school and society must manage the prevention of violence against women. Today this phenomenon has assumed epidemic proportions: the World Health Organization has announced data from a study in 81 countries, according to which the physical or sexual violence affects 35% of women; this means that one out of three women in the world experience violence. And in 30% of cases, this violence occurs in the domestic circle.

The 23 short stories of the anthology have different shades: some of them are strongest and most immediate, others apparently milder because they deal with psychological violence, no less fatal in the construction of cultural models that may fall in abuse. Each writer was free to express her feelings on the subject. 23 different voices to say together: NO violence against women.

We hope that the book You cannot call it love will be embraced by the schools to tell the boys and girls that violence against women hurts men too.

You cannot call it love is written by: Anna Baccelliere, Alessandra Berello, Rosa Tiziana Bruno, Fulvia Degl’Innocenti, Ornella Della Libera, Giuliana Facchini, Ilaria Guidantoni, Laura Novello, Isabella Paglia, Daniela Palumbo, Elena Peduzzi, Cristiana Pezzetta, Annamaria Piccione, Manuela Piovesan, Livia Rocchi, Maria Giuliana Saletta, Chiara Segré, Luisa Staffieri, Annalisa Strada, Pina Tromellini, Pina Varriale, Laura Walter, Giamila Yehya.

Cover by Paola Sorrentino

Pages 176, Euro 13